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Seahaven Towers™ and Haniport Levee™ have been rolled into a single full screen product called Alberwyn Commons™. A Silver (Beta) version is now available for users of macOS to try. Sign up for the Alberwyn Commons announcement list to get product update news.


About the business

The Longwood Wizards Guild LLC is a business founded and originally operated by Art Cabral in Sunnyvale, CA. The original business name, Longwood Associates, was renamed due to conflicts with other entities using that same name. In 2008 the business was moved to scenic Corvallis, Oregon.

The story behind the name Longwood, and behind Seahaven Towers, dates back to 1979 when Art and a number of other storytelling enthusiasts were in graduate school at UCLA. Over 200 folks have been involved in the story to varying degrees over the years, from Los Angeles to Cupertino to Boston to Chicago and a bunch of places in between. The story continues to expand and recently has become the primary focus of the business.

About the name

The name Longwood Wizards Guild is derived from the Longwood story. In the capital city of the fictional nation of Longwood there exists a rather impressive stone tower which serves as the headquarters of the national guild of mages. A mage is the Longwood equivalent of a physicist, a practitioner of advanced technologies that have all the aspects of fantastical magic but which nonetheless do not violate the laws of thermodynamics. That stone tower was well known as a place where magical devices could be purchased and sold, and thus one day one of our storytelling comrades decided it must be run by Fred Wizard (a title held by many proprietors over the years). The name stuck. The structure took on the name Wizards Tower, and the organization that operated it became known as the Longwood Wizards Guild. When the time came to rename the business this name stood out as the best choice – and it has the added advantage that it's not likely to collide with any other company names or trademarks.

About the founder

Art switched his career focus from chemistry to software engineering in 1982, moving to the Silicon Valley at the southern end of the San Franciso Bay Area. He worked for a few startups before beginning a 10 year stint with Apple Computer, Inc., and (with IBM) its Taligent subsidiary. Art also worked for SGI (then Silicon Graphics, Inc.). In September of 1999 Art decided to work full-time to create a business to publish software products based on the Longwood story, There have a few short term assignments with other companies (inViso, PalmSource, and Apple) but working on Longwood products was his recurring passion. Seahaven Towers 2.0.3, the remake of his 1988 shareware product for Macintosh, was the first delivery from that effort. Lately Art has shifted careers again, focusing much more closely on writing and music. Turns out, Corvallis is a wonderful place to do both!


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