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After 30 years of work, on Seahaven Towers and Haniport Levee and a few other titles, we are closing up shop. We have loved being part of your gaming experience.


1994 BMW 540i for sale

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  • 25 year old 1994 BMW 540i for sale
  • 4-door sedan, color is Oxford Green, interior leather
  • A/C, sun roof, power door locks and windows, remote integrated with key
  • Single owner
  • 94251 miles
  • Always garaged.
  • Always west coast.
  • Dealer serviced all but one time (those other guys did a good job but boy were they pricey).
  • The car was most recently serviced at a local (Salem, OR) BMW dealersihp, which dealership found plenty of things to fix. It still has 3 (of 5) green bars to go before next service.
  • Purchased in Santa Clara, CA (Stevens Creek BMW). Available in Corvallis, OR.
  • For folks interested in the time period, it has the original phone (which likely has no network to connect to). The phone supported limited voice recognition for hands-free operation. The antenna is removed but preserved.
  • Has the original 6-CD player (trunk situated). See issues with audio system below.


  • The audio system needs some love from a new owner. In 2018 it developed a glitch where the volume fades after about ten minutes of use and doesn't return until the unit has been off for a bit. The speakers also likely need new foam.
  • One of the parking lights is out (as the car faithfully reminds me whenever I turn on the lights). I think it's front left but didn't want to mess with trying to replace it, despite having spare bulbs.
  • The front driver and passenger door handles sometimes stick, preventing each from closing. A little bit of jiggling and normal operation resumes.
  • The shift selector sometimes slips past the D(rive) setting into S4 sport mode.
  • Some of the interior panel lights seem a bit dim.
  • The little rechargeable flashlight in the glove box needs replacement or at least a new battery
  • True since original purchase, the transmission sometimes hitches when accelerating from a stop in cold weather and when the engine is cold.
  • True since original purchase, the air conditioner vent on the passenger side can be noisy. The dealership couldn't figure out why so I just mostly left the passenger side temp at midrange
  • True since original purchase, the remote one time failed to disarm the security system. Most likely this was due to radio interference with the key remote, but I can't say that definitively. The car could be unlocked, but trying to drive it (even with the key) activated the alarm. This was highly embarrassing. Eventually the remote worked to shut off the alarm. There's an arcane way to stop it if you have the key and perform certain manipulations with the driver's side door handle, but the dealership's instructions didn't seem to work. As the car was almost always garaged I generally didn't arm the security system.
  • The cord connecting the phone to the handset did not respond well to detailing. The plastic insulation is frayed and will need to be restored to look nice. The insulation on the wires themselves seems to be intact.
  • Three low velocity (fender bender) collisions, all properly repaired. And there was that tree that jumped out behind me as I was backing up and messed up the mirror. That's all fixed up, too. Mean old tree!
  • Offered AS IS. Those are the issues I've recalled so far. I'll add more if I remember any.


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