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Seahaven Towers™ and Haniport Levee™ have been rolled into a single full screen product called Alberwyn Commons™. A Silver (Beta) version is now available for users of macOS to try. Sign up for the Alberwyn Commons announcement list to get product update news.


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Alberwyn Commons™Ag01 for macOS users is now available

Welcome to the home of Alberwyn Commons, Seahaven Towers™, Haniport Levee™, and the Longwood Wizards Guild LLC. Seahaven Towers, an application first released for Macintosh users in 1988, was the original computer version of the solitaire game that later came to bear its name (the original name was probably Baker's Game, and there are reports that the University of Illinois had a version running in 1978 on their campus computer). A major update of Seahaven Towers was released in December of 2002, followed by a version for Windows users in July of 2003. Our second product was called Haniport Levee and was released in April of 2005 for both Mac and Windows. Alberwyn Commons, our third venture, combines our two earlier titles and includes a few other goodies as well. The first Silver (Beta) release of Alberwyn Commons is now available with a complimentary evaluation license.

Alberwyn Commons Ag01 for macOS Users Product Page
(runs on macOS Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra, and High Sierra)

About the Longwood Wizards Guild LLC

Privacy Statement
(amended 17 March 2018 to remove references to our former eCommerce partner)

Courtesy links to other Longwood organizations!

Seahaven Towers 2.0.3 for Windows Users Support Page
(licenses for this product are no longer for sale)

Ciril thel Opermin!


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