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After 30 years of work, on Seahaven Towers and Haniport Levee and a few other titles, we are closing up shop. We have loved being part of your gaming experience.


Goodbye! Au revoir! Auf Wiedersehen! AdiĆ³s!

After 30 years of work, on Seahaven Towers, Haniport Levee, and a few other titles, we are closing up shop. We considered doing this earlier but wanted to wait and see how much interest there was from former customers, mostly because we felt bad that they lost access to our products for macOS when Apple transitioned away from PowerPC and abruptly abandoned their emulation support. Based on mailing list sign ups, download activity, and a few internet searches, we feel we can safely conclude that interest is low and that most of our former customers have moved on. We haven't heard much feedback (less than ten) from those of you who did sign up so we'll presume you're happy enough with the Alberwyn Commons Silver release for macOS. For our own purposes we will be continuing work on the code base underlying our former products, but we have no plans to release any additional updates.

To paraphrase the character James Halliday in the Spielberg movie Ready Player One,
thank you for playing our games!

Ciril thel Opermin!

macOS Users Support Page
(licenses for this product are no longer available)

Windows Users Support Page
(licenses for this product are no longer for sale)

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